Molly Madeleine Kruse communications specialist


Hi, I’m Molly

I’m a journalist, communications specialist, and –– most of all –– storyteller leveraging over six years of experience in multimedia content creation. I believe in good communication as a tool to liberate communities and I’m obsessed with understanding audiences and their needs. As a colleague, I’m an eternal optimist who always has a Plan B (and C and D) in her back pocket –– and I’ve been known to offload delicious baked goods on my coworkers.

My current work

As a social media coordinator, I help companies like RFE/RL spotlight the plight of imprisoned journalists and showcase important investigations to stakeholders.

I do this through a variety of mediums-- ranging from video production to audiograms to designing infographics.

My data journalism background comes in handy when analyzing metrics and monitoring campaigns for clients. For example, here’s a chart showing how one account’s engagement more than doubled after I implemented a social media strategy in 2022:

My educational background

Drunk on the thrill of writing an article about a local street musician that ended up on the front page of my college newspaper, I switched my major to journalism in the first semester of university.

The experience also led me to join the school paper, where I eventually helped lead the culture desk. I spent my summers involved in an investigative project charting the pitfalls of the juvenile justice system, as well as working at a rural newspaper –– an experience that continues to inform my passion for uplifting local communities.

In 2020, I moved countries during the height of pandemic lockdowns to begin my master’s degree in Journalism, Media, and Globalization. The program, which took place in two countries –– Denmark and the Netherlands –– culminated in my thesis on how local journalists communicate the climate crisis to their audiences, which won one of the awards for best thesis that year.
Here’s the journalistic product I created in tandem with my thesis:

During my time abroad, I also produced freelance pieces exploring Danish colonial history, documenting the response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and highlighting place-specific practices like communal singing.

In case you can’t tell, adaptation has been a big trend in my career so far. From weathering pandemic restrictions in different countries to pivoting my vocation to social media and learning on the job, I embrace change and love a new challenge.

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